Deep Cleaning

Ceiling being swept by cleaning lady in bathroom

Okay, Now it's Serious!

This program turns dusting, vacuuming, and wipe downs into serious scrubbing. We’ll apply a liberal amount of elbow grease and our EPA-approved products to those filthy, dirty, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. We’ll get on, in, around, and under your toughest spots.

Our Deep Cleaning Program


In the heart of the home we start by wiping clean all countertops and small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) then clean inside and outside of the microwave. Then, the stovetop, drip pans and under hood are cleaned as well as the appliances, cabinets, kitchen table, chairs and mopping.


We clean the room of cobwebs and dust, then wipe clean countertops, basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and surrounding areas, clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower door(s), sanitize the toilet inside and out and vacuum and mop the floor.


We dust every surface. Then, we’ll clean hanging picture frames, mirrors, furniture and items that are sitting on the furniture. There is an option to make up the bed with fresh linens as well. We will finish the bedroom with a thorough vacuuming.

Living Room

All standard dusting/cleaning with thorough vacuuming and the addition of vacuuming furniture, including under the cushions.

Dining Room

Starting with dusting the light fixture, we’ll then wipe clean the table, chairs and other furniture and finish by vacuuming.

Laundry Room

We will wipe clean surfaces, including the washer and dryer, vacuum and/or mop floor.

Additional Services Available

Additional cleaning services include blinds, light fixtures, windows, ovens inside, refrigerator inside, bedding, build up in showers, build up in stove, dishes, woodwork, etc.

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Give a Clean Gift To Show You Care

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Gift Certificate

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